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Watijy Tjuta Dreaming

The painting depicts four significant elements referring to Uwalki Country - Mitjili's father and brother - the renowned Turkey Tolson's (passed away) homeland around Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff) west of Alice Springs in Central Australia.

Significant depictions are:

- watiya tjuta (trees)

- sand hills and rocks

The Aboriginal men use the wood from the watiya tjuta (trees) to hand carve spears, artefacts and ceremonial objects accociated with men's business.

Mitjili's paintings followed the style of the artists from Papunya. On returning to Haasts Bluff she commenced painting in 1992 for the Ikuntji Women's Centre. She soon developed her own style drawing on her father's Dreaming Uwalki, which is the story of the spear straightening ceremony taught to Mitjili by her mother.

Mitjili's distinctive style is based on her father's country, also called Uwalki, an area west of Haasts Bluff near the Kintore Ranges in the Northern Territory. Characterised by red sandhills, bushes and trees it is here that the spearwood trees used to make spears, are found. As custodian of the Kulata Tjurrkupa (Spear Dreaming) and representing the femal side of the Dreaming, Mitjili depicts the trees (Watijy Tjuta) which provide the wood for the spears, whilst her brother is well known for painting the stories associated with making and assembling the spears