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Pansy Napangardi

Pansy Napangardi - redrock gallery

RRG53004 Waterhole Dreaming SOLD

Pansy Napangardi - redrock gallery

 RRG53003 Waterhole Dreaming

Pansy Napangardi - redrock gallery

RRG53007 Hailstorm Dreaming

Pansy Napangardi - redrock gallery

 RRG53005 Hailstorm Dreaming Sold

Pansy Napangardi




B: c. 1974

Pansy Napangardi was born in Haasts Bluff [Central Western Desert], descending from a Warlpiri father from Baughan Springs and a Luritja mother from Illpili, Pansy illustrates various Dreamings from her heritage. 


Whilst Pansy learnt her father’s Dreamings from artist Rennie Robinson which include Bush Banana, Water Snake, Marlu [Kangaroo], Cockatoo, Bush Mangoes and Willy Wagtail, her mother’s Dreamings were taught by her mother’s cousin and include Seven Sisters, Hail, Luritja Country, Desert Raisin and Kungkakutjara [Two Women]. Pansy recalls her grandparents story-telling her Dreamings and teaching her how to depict them by drawing in the sand. Thus, her childhood was abundant with artistic influence and cultural teachings.


In the 1960’s Pansy moved to Papunya where she observed family and renowned artists such as Johnny Warangkula and Kaapa Tjampitjinpa creating Aboriginal masterpieces. At this stage, she began to experiment with paintings, practicing on paper and later progressing to collages which featured Ininti Seeds [traditionally used in ceremonial jewellery]. Unlike many female Aboriginal artists Pansy did not apprentice a male painter; rather she developed her own unique style independently. By the 1970’s she was working and selling her artworks in Alice Springs, later disengaging from this sphere and re-assumed her painting career in the early 1980’s. In 1983 Pansy commenced work with Papunya Tula Artists and by the late 1980’s had established herself as a leading female artist.


Currently, Pansy lives in Alice Springs with her youngest child [she has a son and four adopted children]. Her family is one of artisans, whilst her sister Eunice Napangardi is a renowned Aboriginal artist her youngest brother Brogas Tjapangati paints for the Papunya Tula Artist Company and her sister Alice Napangardi is married to artist Dinny Nolan living within the artistic milieu of Papunya. Pansy Napangardi is a unique artist whose work gives voice to her traditional beliefs and cultural heritage. Depicting the fertility and glory of her traditional lands she illustrates and pays homage to the relationship between her people and their country.


Pansy has been painting for redrock gallery since 2000.

Selected Exhibitions:

1987- 89, 91’ Group Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia

1988 Aboriginal Dot Painting, Melbourne 

        The Inspired Dream, Group Exhibition, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane featuring on the cover of ‘The Inspired Dream’ associated catalogue

1988 Expo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Sydney Opera House. Sydney, N.S.W. Australia

1989, 1994 National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

1990-91 Friendly Country – Friendly People, Traveling Exhibition, Araluen Arts Centre, N.T.

1991 Karnta, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

1993, 1994 Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs, N.T.

1998-2000 Traveling Exhibitions in Washington D.C., U.S.A. and Australia 

2004 redrock gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2007 June, redrock gallery , Group Exhibition, Gallery Grand Opening Beijing, P.R China

2007 July, redrock gallery , Group Exhibition China World Exhibition Centre, Beijing P.R China

2007 Auguest, redrock gallery, Group Exhibition, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Beijing, P.R China

2007 November, redrock gallery, Group Exhibition, International Art Expo, Beijing, P.R China

2008 July, redrock gallery Beijing, 2nd Gallery Opening, Group Exhibition,  Beijing, P.R China

        2008 November, redrock gallery Beijing: A Women’s Exhibition  Beijing, P.R China

Selected Collections and Awards:

■ Michael Hollow Collection

■ Holmes à Court Collection

■ Mem Aziz Collection

■ National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

■ National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

■ Queensland Art Gallery

■ Museums & Galleries of N.T., Darwin

■ 1989 Winner 6th National Aboriginal Art Award

■ 1993 Northern Territory Art Award


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