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Abie Loy Kemarre


Bush Leaf Dreaming 2005

RRG 522001 - 119 x 121cm SOLD 


Bush Leaf Dreaming 2010

RRG 330110 - 93 x 144cm


Bush Leaf Dreaming 2010

RRG490110 - 98 x 98cm


Bush Leaf Dreaming 2010

RRG 340110 - 120 x 140cm


Bush Hen Dreaming 2010

 RRG 410110 - 154 x 198cm SOLD


Bush Leaf Dreaming 2010

RRG 500110 - 148 x 151cm


Bush Leaf Dreaming 2010

RRG 370110 65 x 69cm SOLD


Bush Leaf Dreaming 2010

RRG 320110 - 92 x 144cm


Bush Leaf Dreaming 2010

RRG 360110 65 x 69cm SOLD

Abie Loy Kemarre

Born: 1972

Region: Lyentye (Mosquito Bore) Community in

Utopia- Northern Territory

Language: Eastern Anmatyerre

Born in Utopia Station, Abie Loy commenced painting in 1994 under the guidance of her grandmother, Kathleen Petyarre. She depicts stories from her grandfather’s country of Artenya (situated in Utopia) such as bush hen dreaming.

Abie Loy Kemarre with Mem

Abie Loy belongs to the Anmatyerre tribe and speaks Eastern Anmatyerre with english as a second language.


She is a very innovative mid-career member of the family of celebrated artists from the Utopia region headed by the late, great Emily Kngwarreye, and continued by her grandmother Kathleen Petyarre, and great aunt, Gloria Petyarre.


She is renowned for the complex optical effects produced by a rare combination of movement and intricacy. Her fine painting techniques


Abie Loy has custodial rights of the Bush Hen Dreaming which she depicts as a metonymic device in her Bush Hen Dreaming and associated Sand-hills and Body painting series of works.


Through her powerful and beautiful paintings, Abie Loy is able to convey to the viewer the sensitivity and strength she derives from her Dreaming… and her country.


Bush Medicine Leaf Dreaming (father's story)

Emu Dreaming story (Grandfather's story)

Body Paint Designs including the Awelye (Women's Business) designs.


Abie Loy began painting under the tutelage of her famous grandmother, Kathleen Petyarre


Abie has been painting for redrock gallery since 2005.



Solo Exhibitions:

 2010 Abie Loy Kemarre Exhibition, redrock gallery, Melbourne, VIC Australia

2006 Abie Loy, Bush Leaf & Other Dreamings, Gadfly Gallery, Dalkeith, WA

2005 Abie Loy Kemarre, New Paintings, Gadfly Gallery, Perth, WA

2005 Abie Loy Kemarre, Solo Exhibition, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, Vic.

2004 Abie Loy Kemarre, Solo Exhibition, Gadfly Gallery, Perth, WA,

2004 Abie Loy Kemarre, Solo Exhibition, Coo-ee Gallery, Sydney, NSW, April 29 – May 23

2003 Abie Loy Kemarre, First Solo Exhibition, Alcaston Gallery, Vic., Melbourne


Group Exhibitions:

2006 Recent Painting, Kathleen Petyarre & Abie Loy, Framed Gallery, Darwin, N.T

2006 Abie Loy & Kathleen Petyarre, New Paintings, Maunsell Wickes Gallery, Paddington, NSW

2005 Utopia & Beyond, Maunsell Wicks, Paddington, NSW.1st October

2005 Dreamings, Gadfly Gallery, Perth, WA

2004 Arrnkerthe, New Paintings, Coo-ee Gallery, Sydney, NSW

2003 Abie Loy - Recent Paintings, Fire-works Gallery, Brisbane, Qld.

2002 Abie Loy & Violet Petyarre, Recent Paintings, Mary Place Gallery, Paddington, NSW,

2001 15th Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Exhibition, Darwin, NT, Australia

2000 The Collection, Gallerie Australis, Adelaide, South Australia

2000 Utopia, Framed Gallery, Darwin, Northern Territory

1999 North by North East, Landscape & Ceremonial paintings from Utopia, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, Vic., Australia

1999 SALA Week, Gallerie Australis, Adelaide, SA.

1999 Joint Indonesian - Utopia Batik Workshop for Third Pacific Arts Utopia Recent Works, King Street Gallery, Perth, WA.

1998 Our Country Then and Now, Gallerie Australis, Adelaide, SA., Australia

1998 Raiki Wara: Long Cloth from Aboriginal Australia and the Torres Strait, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Vic.

1998 15th Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Exhibition Darwin, NT,

1998 Utopia Dreamings, Japingka Gallery, Perth

1997 Schilderijen uit Utopia, Songlines Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1997 Dreampower, Art of Contemporary Aboriginal Australia, Museum Puri Lukisan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

1997 Dreampower, Art of Contemporary Aboriginal Australia, Galeri Ardiyanto, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

1997 Documenta, Kasel, Germany

1997 Dreampower, Art of Contemporary Aboriginal Australia, The National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

1997 14th Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Touring Art Exhibition

1997 Japingka Gallery, Desert Designs, Perth, W.A. Australia

1997 The Alice Prize Art Exhibition, Alice Springs, NT., Australia


Art Fairs

2007 November redrock gallery, Group Exhibition, International Art Expo, Beijing, P.R China

2004 Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne

2003 Art Miami 2003, Miami, Florida, USA

2003 ARCO Art Fair Madrid, Madrid, Spain

2003 Aboriginal Art Fair, 2003, Sydney. Australia


Recent Publications:

Craft Arts International magazine, article, Abie Loy Kemarre, pp.44 – 48, published Craft Arts International Pty Ltd, 2005

Raki Wara, Long Cloth from Aboriginal and the Torres Strait, National Gallery of Victoria, 1998 pp. 63 86,87.

Dreampower, Art of Contemporary Aboriginal Australia, David Cossey, Museum Art International, 1997, pp. 26,27,28.

Telstra 14th National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award - Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory Traveling exhibition, plate 17, page 25.



The Art Gallery of South Australia, South Australia.

Mem Aziz Collection

Festival of Arts Foundation Collection, Adelaide, South Australia.

The Adelaide University Art Collection, South Australia.

The Levi-Kaplan Collection, Seattle, USA.

The Kelton Foundation, Los Angeles, USA.

The Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commission Collection.

The National Gallery of Victoria, Victoria.

Kerry Stokes Collection, Perth, Western Australia.


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