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Dr. George Ward Tjapaltjarri




B. 1930 c.


Tingari Dreaming   75x100cm/1999  $9,500


Tingari Dreaming   79x124cm/January 2000   original price $6,000 Sale price $3,000 plus GST


Doctor George Ward Tjapaltjarri was born south-west of Jupiter Well in the Gibson Desert area, Western Australia. He was one of the last desert dwellers to emerge from the Gibson Desert in 1964 and took up residence in Papunya Community. This community saw the emergence of many artistic talents that through their combined forces brought ‘Aboriginal’ painting to a new position within the artistic world. Learning his artistic skills from various associates, he has been deeply immersed within painting and art since the early 1980’s.


In his community Dr. George holds the important position of ‘medicine man’; this combined with his work as a traditional healer with the Kintore and Tjukurla Medical Clinics has earnt him the nickname ‘Doctor’. However, being an important Pintupi elder he is also responsible for initiating young men into their cultic life. During these important traditional men’s ceremonies, Dr. George reveals not only the knowledge connected to the ‘Tingari Cycle’ but also the sacred sites located in his own traditional country. The body paint designs infer a strong association with the desert landscape, its land formations of water soakages, creek beds and sand-hills, all connections to the Ancestral Beings.

Dr. George Ward Tjapaltjarri has been painting for redrock gallery since 1999


1988 Queensland Museum, Brisbane

Group Exhibition, Fremantle, Perth

Group Exhibition, Alice Springs, N.T.

Group Exhibition, Sydney

1989 Mythscapes, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

1999 SPAN Galleries 1,2 and 3, Melbourne

Group Exhibition, Melbourne.

Group Exhibition, Brisbane

Exhibition, Alliance Francaise de Canberra, Canberra

Exhibition, French Embassy, Canberra

2000 From Utopia to Kintore, Group Exhibition, Melbourne

2003 Group Exhibition, Melbourne

2003-2006 Group Exhibition, redrock gallery, Melbourne

2007 June redrock gallery, Group Exhibition, Gallery Grand Opening Beijing, P.R China

2007 July redrock gallery, Group Exhibition China World Exhibition Centre, Beijing P.R China

2007 Auguest redrock gallery, Group Exhibition, Grand Hyatt Hotel,Beijing, P.R China

2007 November redrock gallery, Group Exhibition, International Art Expo, Beijing, P.R China



• National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

• National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

• Museums and Art Galleries of Northern Territory, Darwin

• Artbank, Australia.

• Mem Aziz Collection, Melbourne, Australia

• Numerous public and private collectors locally and internationally