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Mem’s Music & Profile


MEET - "MISTER MEM TJAMPITJINPA"  International Curator, Performer and Ambassador for Australian Art & Culture



String Divas and Mem with the Didgeridoo performing Live On Stage  

(from left, Tami, Mem, Chang and Stephanie )


As a performer with the Didgeridoo I have always known that the instrument has its own unique spiritual sound and the way people have reacted around the world confirmed its overwhelming powers.

Mem Tjampitjinpa is an acclaimed Didgeridoo player and has also performed with percussion. He is also a Fine Art Curator, Stage Presenter, Public Speaker and Cultural Ambassador for Australia.


(Below left) Former USA President Mr Bill Clinton                      (Right) Former Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd



Mem has personally appeared on numerous radio and television productions and has toured the world with the renowned Australian bush band THE SUNDOWERS, also mounting art exhibitions, educating people about Aboriginal culture and representing Australia as an Honorary Tourism Ambassador. According to Mem “As well as reaching the audiences with my Didgeridoo performance, I educate people with the history of Australia and the diversity of the Indigenous Culture, which relates to all humans on earth”.

“What I enjoy most of all is The Didgeridoo, as it has become the ancient voice in today’s wave of technological infrastructure. It’s a mythical sound that vibrates through one’s soul. The Didgeridoo has delighted audiences around the world and people are captivated with the unique blend of sounds and how it can be incorporated with today’s contemporary music as I have demonstrated with the many bands that I have performed with”.

img021.jpg   Mr_Mem_2.jpg

This is the cover of Mem's Second Solo CD  (no longer available)               Playing Digeridoo with Carlos Santana's Band

"Dancing Withe The Didgeridoo"

mem_didgeridoo_cd.jpg mem_didgeridoo_cd2.jpg



This is the cover of Mem's First Solo CD " Walking On Sunshine"  (no longer available)       




1995 –                     International Rap Band Coolieo  (Gangsters Paradise)


1995 –                     Neil Diamonds percussionists King Ereson  -


1996 –                     International Band (World Music) Deepforest


1997 –                     River Dance


1997 –                     Queen of Jazz, The Betty Carters and Jazz Band


1997 –                     Stings

Together Stings Drummer along with Stings Saxophone player , Betty Carters Bass player and I played at the Jazz club in Bennett’s lane.


1997 –                     Youthu Yindi, Australia Day Concert


April 1998 –         Solo performance in Dubai for government delegates

                  (UAE - United Arab Emirates  )


April 1998 –         Solo performance in Dubai for the Australian Cricket team


April 1998 –         The Sundowners Aussie Bush Band & Mem (UAE)

                  This was when I was first discovered by Mick Slocum (Sundowners)

Paul Van Ross, Sam Lemann, Mem Aziz, Nick Reynolds and Mick Slocum 



April 1998 –         Solo performance And with national Orchestra for the president of

                  Lebanon and representing Ambassadors and Consulate Generals from  

fifteen different country’s  (Broadcasted live on national television in the Middle East)


1998 –                     Thelma Houston – British Symphony Orchestra (Crown Palladium)

                                    Glenn Shorrock ( LRB )

                                    CDB – Aussie Pop Group (Create Dream Believe)




July 1999 –           Tarkan World Tour- Melbourne

                                    Invited to Turkey to record with band


 Mar 1999 –         The Sundowners , 5 state tour (UAE)

                                  includinh performing at schools


1999 –                     The Sundowners regular performances through out the year 

                  in Australia (Corporate and private functions)


THE SUNDOWNERS - The Band record the "Early Light" CD in 1999
MICK SLOCUM - Lead Vocals, Accordion, Concertina
NICK REYNOLDS - Bass, Vocals
PAUL VAN ROSS - Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo
SAM LEMANN - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
HUGH MC DONALD - Acoustic Guitar,Fiddle, Bass, Keyboards


Oct 1999 –            Eurthymics “Peace Tour” Melbourne Tennis center

Was in invited to England to record with “Snake” (Eurthymics Saxophone player) for new album




Oct 1999 –            (above with Mem) Bachelor Girl 



Sept 1999 –         Solo, 57 World Science Fiction Convention – Melbourne Convention Center


2000  –                    The Sundowners regular performances through out the year 

                                    in Australia (Corporate and private functions)


Mar 2000 –          The Sundowners Bush Band & Mem (Singapore )


May/Jun 2000 – The Sundowners Bush Band & Mem (KL – Kuala Lumpur ) including Schools


2001             –         The Sundowners regular performances through out the year 

                                    in Australia (Corporate and private functions)


March 2002 –     Street performance with native American Indian Gio de Carlo

(The Flute Keeper) (USA – Venesse beach)


2003 –                     Met Santana in Melbourne while he was on tour


Jackie Chan & Mem before performing at the Austchame Ball Beijing 14th Feb 2009



Boby Taylor, Mem & Clifford Culter, performed at Ritz Carton Beijing Nov 2008



Michael Christiano, Lisa Edwards & Mem performed at the Sydney Hilton 2010 




China CCTV 4 - 2011




Kelstone Band & Mem Early 2012 Beijing



Mem performing with Chinese Band in Guangzhou, southern china.

China/Australia Business Event 2012